Outreach into the Community is more than a Scriptural mandate. It has always played an important part in the life of Saint Joseph Parish and is, in itself, a teaching tool. A parish is a community of believers dedicated to helping others. That help extends beyond the four walls of the building.

The undercroft is utilized during the school year by a pre-school. The Parish offers space as it is available to other organizations provided the intended use is consistent with established Parish guidelines.

Individual parishioner

Outreach into the Community is not limited to corporate activity. Individual parishioners volunteer to assist in local hospitals. Other parishioners are involved with Veterans groups and organizing clothing drives.

Food collection

Saint Joseph Parish supports CALL Primrose’s need for non-perishable food items year arround by collecting food every month based on immediate needs. Food is delivered to CALL each month.

Situational needs

Outreach can take many different forms. The Parish responds to situational needs as they arise.